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Emails: is it true that putting people to cc: is nonsense?

I do this all the times: putting people on c

I regularly put my boss on cc: because I want to make sure that I keep my boss informed that something is in progress. I assume that he wants to know what is happening so that he can intervene when things are off track.

And when I write to a customer or to a supplier, I do the same. I put as many as possible on cc: so that they know what is going on.

I am assuming that if someone does not speak up against it, they enjoy being aware of my emails, ... unless they don't want to be.

But I have just found out that there is an email rule for automatically archiving emails where the recipient is only mentioned as cc: Why would one do that?

What do you think?

@barbapappa: I have just clarified your post. The archive cc: rule is there because cc´ing someone is such a nonsense that Microsoft has built in a defense tool against these time thieves. If the reci ... [read more]
CCing maybe useful on various occasions but has to be used judiciously. If overused the CCed person will receive too many email that he will never read and may cause irritation. A couple of uses for C ... [read more]
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