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How make a food product successful

I have here a client with a new drink who wants to set up a start-up company.

Once the recipe is out, everybody can copy the drink. The invention is in the method of brewing the drink. The product looks like a usual beer, but it tastes better and it is healthy.

Any suggestion about what IP can be used to help him finding an investor? And what strategy to apply?

That is one of the most difficult cases in the area of IP. 1. Once you file a patent application for the method of making the food, this will be published after 18 months from the filing date (or from ... [read more]
wow. I didn't know patenting a food product can be so complicated. I have a piece of bread that can be worn like a piece of jewelry around the neck if beaded onto a piece of cord. Can that be patented ... [read more]
Yes, there is an entire IPC class for such products: A21D13/48 Here is a DE utility model for such a wearable bakery product https://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?FT=D&date=20 ... [read more]