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How to enlarge scope of protection of a registered design with broken lines?

This is what the EU IPO guidelines for Registered Designs say (chapter 5.1. Disclaimers) https://guidelines.euipo.europa.eu/1803372/1788778/designs-guidelines/5-3-1-broken-lines

"Broken lines consist of a trace made up of dots or dashes (or a combination of both), and are used to indicate that no protection is sought for features shown using the interrupted trace."

Does this mean that any alteration of that registered design is later seen as an infringement?

For example, is the following alteration an infringing device? I have added a standard hammer head in red lines to that part of the registered design that is drawn with continuous lines:

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this is what the German law says: "Section 42 Removal, cessation and desistance, and damages (1) Any person who uses a registered design contrary to section 38 (1), first sentence, (infringer) can be ... [read more]