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Kitchen scale patent application in the US?

You mention in your article that the scale has been patented. I cannot find the patent application in the US.

It seems that the USPTO provides data on applications -- both granted and non-granted -- only since 2001. Is there data available for pre-2001 US patent applications both granted and failed?

Google Patents provides some applied-not-granted data, however, the oldest one is 1998. The PAIR data requires an application number for the search, so does not appear to easily provide a set of all possible patent grants. There is of course the 18 month confidentiality window that limits most recent applications. So, if a 1995 patent fails in the application process, then we are outside that window and might be able to see the original application.

My kitchen balance invention is a good example of why you don't necessarily need a granted patent for selling your invention. After some years into the license contract, my licensee Soehnle Waagen (af ... [read more]