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Security Clearance Questions

So many countries have security clearance requirement before filing a patent application in a foreign country: France, USA, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. etc.

I know that we should request a foreign filing license for one of the inventors/applicants if we have inventors and/or applicants that come from two different countries that both have security clearance requirements.

But what if there is an urgent case and a filing is required on the same day and there is no more time to request a foreign filing license?

That case does not happen often but I hear of such cases every now and then. What does NOT help is to file the patent application in all the relevant countries on the same day. In Singapore, you can g ... [read more]
Speaking about Singapore security waiver/foreign filing license, I have now a case where a Singapore applicant has filed an earlier priority patent application in China, possibly without a Singapore s ... [read more]
@katieketchup there are only 2 ways out: #1: report the infringement and file the PCT application, claiming all priorities (maybe you can convince IPOS that this was not their fault, but unlikely. The ... [read more]
there is a form for requesting a S34 waiver, here https://www.ipos.gov.sg/about-ip/patents/managing-patents/forms-fees see the snipUploaded files:
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Here is another important piece of information. Among all the signatories to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the national patent laws of around 20 signatories contain the noted special provisions ... [read more]Uploaded files:
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From a CN colleague of mine "On 22 April 2022, the CNIPA issued a decision (No. 55586) for an invalidation action filed against China Patent No. CN201720389490.8 (a utility model patent entitled teles ... [read more]