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SG 2018, Part A

Here comes my SG 2018 Paper A script:

1. You can download the QE2018 Paper A, answer guidelines and overall comments in a zip file under this link: https://www.ipos.gov.sg/docs/default-source/default-document-library/qualifying-examination-2018.zip?sfvrsn=0

2. This is my test answer for the main claim 1:

This is the Examiner's suggested answer for the main claim 1:

3. The Examiner's comments to my test answer is as follows:

4. My questions:

a. The Examiner 1 commented that from my answer, "one of these planes read on to the prior art". I can't really see that. Any idea which 'plane' is he talking about?

b. From the last paragraph of the Examiner 2's comments, the Examiner 2 seems to suggest that if I had an adequate support section in the description to support the claim language "frame surface", my main claim 1 would have been acceptable. Is it true?

I have also uploaded my full answer below. Thanks in advance to all of you for your feedback!

Uploaded files:
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I believe that's correct. Please take a look at the attached image of the prior art B, where I have highlighted a frame surface and a door movement. What do you think? Examiner 2 means probably that y ... [read more]
Nope, Jonny, that is not entirely correct. The invention disclosure says that the front surface can have any shape, so it cannot serve as a reference for a linear movement: I believe that the main pro ... [read more]Uploaded files:
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Remark: don't be a smart alec and broaden this claim feature to a three-dimensional movement, as this would introduce an embodiment that is not shown in the paper. Moreover, you will then run into the ... [read more]Uploaded files:
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so good that all user names here are anonymous, right?