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Singapore Customs Interview on INTA webpage

Mr. Edward Yue, Assistant Head of the Operations Management Branch of Singapore Customs, gave a remarkable Interview on the INTA webpage

"What are the major challenges facing Singapore Customs, and how are these challenges being addressed?

A key challenge that Singapore Customs faces is differentiating counterfeits from genuine products. Working closely with IPR holders, we conduct several trainings throughout the year for our officers to discern between genuine and counterfeit goods. Upon detecting suspected counterfeit goods, our officers will engage IP rights holders to verify the authenticity of the goods.

Another challenge that Singapore Customs faces is the lack of specific, actionable, and timely intelligence that can enable us to identify and seize suspected IPR-infringing goods. We see room for IPR holders and the Singapore authorities to work proactively together to tackle this challenge."

The solution is here.

I have introduced a system for easy counterfeit identification on the World Intellectual Property Forum in India, last November, here

Amazon is offering a similar system: