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The True Danger Of Covid-19: Getting Caught In A Quarantine, By Surprise

Below comes the true danger of Covid-19 explained. You have probably not expected this one.

It happened out of the blue, totally unexpected: some bureaucrat ordered a man into quarantine, for twenty-one (21) full days. Despite being vaccinated. That happened while traveling. He is working as a professional airline pilot. This is a high-risk job when it comes to getting quarantined.

This man produced the short one-and-a-half-minute long video below. He is using the "F" word a lot, so do not watch the video if you cannot stand that.

[video width="1266" height="720" mp4="https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Quarantine-05-2019-final.mp4"][/video]


I do not have the slightest sympathy for this man. He is a professional and I would expect him to know what he may possibly go through when doing his job. There is absolutely no reason for him to become so excited about that quarantine.

What I have predicted in my first Covid-19 article (click here) has become true:

Now assume the following situation. You have met someone during the convention, and that someone fell ill of the Corona virus. And that someone fell ill of the Corona virus before you could leave the country. Now ask yourself: would it be disturbing for you to be taken into quarantine for two weeks, even if it turns out that you were not infected with the Corona virus? For me, the answer is clear: no, this will not disturb me too much. I can do my work anywhere, using my laptop. Even in quarantine. But how about you?


F&B While In Quarantine

This is the kind of food that they serve you in quarantine:

What is not shown in the video above is that you can essentially order as delivery whatever you want, as long as it is packed food. The hotel will organize that for you, for an administrative fee.

It is just that you will buy everything more expensive than in a regular supermarket.

I was taught in my youth that I should always stay away from the hotel minibar in my room. In quarantine, you literally have to live from that hotel minibar. Whether you like it or not.

Calculate in about US$ 100 of extra costs per day of quarantine.


How Do You React To That Truth

Don´t even try to be arrogant and look down on specific countries that put quarantines in place. It does not matter where the video above was taken because this can happen in any country. All that is needed for that to happen is a bureaucrat that orders you into quarantine, for whatever reason. I have written about that before (click here).

Are you prepared for this when you start traveling again? I am prepared.

Most important, before you even start to travel: book a direct flight to your destination, and avoid stop-overs. With a stop-over flight - when push comes to shove - you would have to serve two (2) quarantines, one at the stop-over place and one at your destination. The small price difference for a flight with a stop-over is not worth that extra risk.

Second most important: be mentally prepared to go into quarantine. That requires that you plan ahead what you will do while being held in quarantine.

Important rule number three: avoid boarding an airplane if you can. What I have written in my first Covid-19 article is still valid today:

An important point is this: is that international convention an essential event or a non-essential event for you?

Seen from that perspective, your decision about whether to attend will be easy. If you don’t need to be there, use the money for something else that you need and want more.
Clear cut situation: if you are an elderly person with existing diseases then better stay at home. If you become infected with the Corona virus you have a high chance of ultimately dying from that infection. But be careful, the Corona virus may very soon be at your own place.


What To Do While In Quarantine

Here is what I will do while in quarantine.

I have a working plan for quarantine, it follows from my three (3) ongoing lists in my Evernote account (click here if you want to know more about Evernote).

One of these lists is a “List of Blessings” for what is good and going well in my life. That List of Blessings helps me to better cope with setbacks that always happen, such as quarantine. And it also helps me to prioritize those projects that I have in a second document, which is my “List of Plans”.

You can find out more about my two lists and also about my “Prayer List”, which is separate from my “List of Blessings” and from my “List of Plans”, when you read my article here: https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/no-resolutions-for-2021-here-is-what-i-do-instead-count-my-blessings-and-review-my-list-of-plans-and-my-prayers-list/


Here Comes My Travel Packing List

These are the tools that I always bring along on any travel:

  • a Swiss pocket knife with 14 tools (click here)
  • a knife sharpening set (review to come soon)
  • chewing gum or Blue Tag (review to come soon)
  • a mini battery lamp with USB charging port (review to come soon)
  • a bag with international adapters and USB chargers (review to come soon)
  • a Prufen charging cable with adapters, click here
  • a bag with OTC medicaments that I am used to but that I do not easily get in other countries
  • a portable SW radio with a long-wire antenna (review to come soon)

Then I have my laptop computer with me, and some accessories, see the video here: https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/home-office-from-scratch-how-to-build-your-work-post-for-a-professional-appearance-on-the-internet/

And I have a tripod for my smartphone with me.

Plus a paper Bible, in case that there is no electricity and no Internet. You can contact Gideons International and join us as a Financial Friend if you want to have one yourself, click here.

A Two-Steps Checklist For Quarantines

This is what I do during quarantine.

Step #1: I establish a proper workplace first. You can follow my video here: https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/home-office-from-scratch-how-to-build-your-work-post-for-a-professional-appearance-on-the-internet/

Step #2: And then I establish a realistic work plan. I plan in one day per week when I do nothing at all. Zero work. Sunday works best for me.

And then I am good to go.


Extras That You Could Do

A quarantine is a good opportunity for a reset and a fundamental life change.

I am recommending the Perry Marshall "30-days Reboot" course (click here). I have done that course during my last lock-down in May 2020. I guarantee that you will like it. Otherwise, you would not be reading my articles here on my blog.

Then read the Bob Buford book "Halftime". It helped me to shift my own life from seeking "success" to seeking "significance".



Don´t complain. Face the truth.

An average quarantine will cost you about USD 3,000 in cash.

And it will cost you 2-3 weeks of your life if you are not prepared. So be prepared and be productive.

Important: do not report in public about being quarantined. While this was still ok in 2020, it will be perceived just as non-adorable as an 80-years-old blogging about her recovery after a skateboard accident.

I do not think that life will go back to pre-January-2020 during the years to come.


Martin "positive" Schweiger