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Typical Enquiry: How to open a business in Singapore

I have received this enquiry. How do I reply?

"Hi Jeff,

Currently, I am working for a Japanese trading company introducing Japanese products and services for the elderly to Southeast Asia. One of our clients recently received a high rating in the field of elderly care from Aging Asia, an international medical think tank, and they are now considering expanding their services to the Asian market, and we are planning to be their strategic partner in Singapore.

We are planning to apply for their business model as a patent in the Singapore market. Please give us a clear picture about the following information.

1) Is it possible to file a patent application for a business model in Singapore?
2) How long does it usually take from application to adoption?
3) How much does it cost (I would like to know the breakdown, application fee, agent fee, etc.)?
4) Are there any subsidies for local companies (planning to set up a new local company, 100% foreign-owned)?

Once the plan is solidified, we would like to proceed with the patent application."

This is what I would reply: 1) yes, if done with a computer system 2) Applicants can obtain a Singapore patent grant within 12 months from the filing of the application, subject to fulfilling certain ... [read more]Uploaded files:
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