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What can I say about my health product when advertising it in Singapore?

I want to import a new plaster into Singapore and I would like to know what I can claim in my advertisements.

I understand marketing people very well. There is an old rule in marketing which says that you have to “sell the sizzling and not the steak”. Which means that you put information in the forefront that match with what the customer wants to experience.

And in the case of a plaster - which in general is considered as a health product - you want to present information that talks about how the buyer’s health will improve after buying your plaster.

But there are limits to that in Singapore, please check out this HSA information leaflet:

If this link should be dead in the future, please search for the key words "ADVERTISEMENTS AND SALES PROMOTION OF MEDICINAL PRODUCTS" on the HSA website https://www.hsa.gov.sg/

There is also an article about the same topic applied for health supplements that explains how pragmatic the Singapore authorities are, here