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Why is Freedom-to.Operate important? I have a lot of questions

Start-ups and SMEs are often challenged with large IP portfolios by big competitors. These are my questions:

  • What is an FTO?
  • Has the scope of FTO changed in the world of I4R?
  • When to conduct an FTO?
  • Relevance of FTO in today’s crowded patent space
  • What is the relationship between a strong patent/IP portfolio and FTO
  • What are the pros and cons of conducting and FTO?
  • What are the next steps once a threat has been identified?
  • Risk management: Approaching the IP owner to obtain a license to bridge the FTO risk
  • University spin-outs and FTO: what are the risks and how to go about performing the FTO?
  • At what stage the FTO becomes irrelevant?
  • How to work within the “grey zone” of an FTO?
  • FTO in technologies involving standards

Thank you!


Dear @barbapappa Your post has many questions I try to resolve. Please note, this not a legal recommendation and my personal opinions. Please consult your patent lawyer in any case. What is an FTO? In ... [read more]