Quick Website Translation with Google Chrome Web Browser

Quick Website Translation with Google Chrome Web Browser

You have surely already had this problem: you see something online and you want to translate it to another language.

If you speak only one single language, then it is very likely English, and then you want to read that German article about “Störerhaftung” (intermediary liability), or that Chinese article about “边境缉获” (border seizure) in your language. Or you want to know what button with Cyrillic characters to press when accessing that e-book free download website.

That’s where the trouble begins.
But with the Google Chrome browser, there is an easy solution. Just right click and choose ‘translate’, and all the words on the page will be translated into the language of your choice, almost instantly.
This same ‘right click to translate’ trick works with all web pages and also with Gmail, which means you can read emails sent to you in languages you may not understand, and you can write emails in your native language and translate them into the language the person you are sending to can read.
Translating from or into any language is easy — if you know the right click trick.

Here is a little video that shows you how this works:
Martin “any language” Schweiger

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