Sales is as Important for Your Firm as Breathing is for You. Managing Your Firm´s Sales Process.

Sales is as Important for Your Firm as Breathing is for You. Managing Your Firm´s Sales Process.

For many lawyers, the very word “sales” rings one thousand red alarms, as their professional conduct bylaws did not allow for this.

This has changed in many jurisdictions of this world, but many lawyers are still not ready to adopt basic sales behaviors in order to improve their business life.

Many also have images in their minds of scripts and reports created by people who aren’t in the legal field and who don’t really understand what it’s like to even assess a legal problem.

Some lawyers tell you they definitely have a sales process (they call it “business development”) but if pushed to describe it, they have a hard time articulating exactly what their sales team is doing.

Successful sales, on the other hand, distinguish the “General” from the “Soldiers”, as described in Harrison Barnes´article here.

Great lawyer generals, just as great salespeople, can tell you exactly what they do before, during and after every sales pitch.

I found a course on LinkedIn Learning that discusses why having a sales process is so important, and how you can create a great one for yourself. The course gives valuable tips about turning this sales process into a habit that feels natural, and the course also shows how to break down the aspects of the sales process from prospecting to follow-up after the sale.

Now take the FREE course:

It is only 30 minutes long.

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