Sammy Abdullah – The Real Duties of a CEO

Sammy Abdullah – The Real Duties of a CEO

Guest post by Sammy Abdullah

Tasks To Prioritize

Sales. Helping close and keep major customers is a CEO role that never goes away. Large, marquee customers need to feel the CEO cares about them and they need to know they have access to you. You should be helping your sales reps close major accounts and accompanying them on major sales calls. If you’re not doing this already, guess what: the CEO’s at your competitors are. Once the major client is closed, they should have your email address and feel free to reach out to you any time. Additionally, good CEO’s check in with their major customers to make sure they’re happy and also explore upsells, additional uses of the product, and even leads.

Tasks That A Start-Up CEO Should De-Prioritize


Focus on sales and recruiting.

And stay away from visioning and speaking with VCs.

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