Smart People watch Internet and not TV any more. TED Speeches are a Good Way to Save Time.

Smart People watch Internet and not TV any more. TED Speeches are a Good Way to Save Time.

Long gone the times when the first thing to do after coming home was to switch on the TV set for watching the news.

I am firing up my computer instead, for reading the newspaper. I have also a few Youtube channels that I am following.

And I am occasionally watching TED speeches. The webpage is here

What TED speeches are

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED speeches are entertaining for people who like short speeches.

TED lecturers have unique messages and they are limited to exactly 18 minutes, or whatever time they have been given. The speakers work hard to get their points across. They user a prompter and they practice, practice, and practice in front of professional trainers. You will not hear “um”, “aah”, “you know” and also not flowery language.

There are two types of TED talks: TED and TEDx events are insofar different as the TEDs take more of a global approach while the TEDx typically focuse on a local community that concentrates on local voices. Officially, the ‘x’ in TEDx stands for independently organized TED event – but it is more of a TED multiplied.

Why TED Speeches save Time

Not many people are invited to give a TED talk, there is a strict screening. Once the person is selected, he is screened again in terms of his speaking ability.

TED talks let you get an overall view of something that may be important in your life, and you get it in 18 minutes. That saves you time. With an excellent talk. You are paying in time, and you are paying mostly for the screening done by the TED committee. Screening is not a zero-price resource.

How to find the best TED Speeches

Please note that not all TED/TEDx speeches are good. I find only one in ten of these speeches good, following Sturgeon´s law.

One way to find out the better TED speeches is offered by the TED website itself. The department provides speeches according to pre-determined topics that you can select.

And there is a department for the 25 most popular TED speeches ever

And I have a website that I read on a daily basis. It is run by Dr. Gary North, and this is what he says about TED speeches:

I rarely follow through on a TED speech. I don’t order a book that in some way expands what I have learned from the speech. But I enjoy entertainment, and as a professional speaker, I enjoy seeing a good speech. So, I watch TED speeches mostly for entertainment, but occasionally I see a winner, and then I present it on this site. You are paying for me to screen out the chaff. I screen out a lot of TED speeches.

So by following Dr. Gary North, I receive all the really good TED talks. That saves me a lot of time.

Why this article helps you save time

It is easy to waste time on the Internet. You need pre-qualified information.

This is why the payoff from listening to a TED speech is higher than the payoff for listening to most speeches. You screen what you view in terms of what interest you, and then you rely on the TED staff to have screened out the 90% Sturgeon chaff.

If you receive spam emails on a regular basis. The following TED talk is about that. I believe that you will like it, it is only 10 minutes long:


Martin “Save Internet Time” Schweiger

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