Specifio – An Automated Patent Applications Drafting System, For Bulk Software Patents Drafting Factories

Specifio – An Automated Patent Applications Drafting System, For Bulk Software Patents Drafting Factories

If there is one outstanding personality in the area of Robot Patent Drafting, then this is certainly Ian Schick of Specif.io.

Ian is the co-inventor of one of the very few granted patents for patent drafting robots (click here) “Systems And Methods For Automatically Creating A Patent Application Based On A Claim Set Such That The Patent Application Follows A Document Plan Inferred From An Example Document.” This was the first granted patent in an entire patent family, check out Espacenet for more information.

Ian has not only patents and patent applications in the field of Robot Patent Drafting but he has also created a work-horse solution that converts whatever set of patent claims into a patent application document that needs minimal extra input before filing.

I would rather call the Specifio system a “Robot Patent Drafting Infrastructure” than a “Robot Patent Drafting Software”, as it consists of an automated email response system, a parameter setting software, and the core patent drafting software, plus the free Patent Proofreadser tool “BluePencil“. From what I see, the Specifio system also has some semi-automated step of verifying the patent claims before processing them, but only later more about that.

It is not difficult at all to get started with the Specifio system. After contacting the Specifio team they will send you an email with a sign-up link and you will be forwarded to the onboarding tutorial. After completing that tutorial, you are ready to submit your first set of patent claims. You can literally go from zero to one hundred in less than 20 minutes.

Please watch the following screencast video that I have recorded while I have been onboarding to the Specifio system


If you are into writing software patents then the step of setting up the many parameters that is done in the onboarding tutorial already tells you where that is leading to.

This Is Where Specifio Is Coming From

Specifio is a system that designed for handling patent filing pipelines of large commercial companies, the drafting of those patent applications being outsourced to so-called “outside counsels” that typically work in law firms.

I have set up myself such a patent filing forge, back in 1997. So I know what is required for running such an operation: you have 10 or 20 IP attorneys or patent engineers, and you are required to provide a constant output, within a short time, and for a competitive price. Formal mistakes are not allowed, at all, while the patents are not required to be litigation grade. A high technical standard is still required, so your patent drafting force should know the respective technical areas well. Running such an environment is more similar to running a flea circus than a law firm, so a good software-defined system that standardizes the patent drafting process in such a patent drafting factory is very helpful. Specifio is providing such a system.

Specifio Is Made For Software Patents

There is one important limitation: Specifio is made for software-related inventions. That is actually not a severe limitation because, according to my own experience, half of today’s inventions are software-related.

Software patent applications come with some intrinsic problems. Most software inventions can be described in a very short time. But the requirements of enablement and also tactical requirements when it comes to arguing in favor of inventiveness make it necessary that we provide much more information about the computer system that is used to implement that invention in practice. All that framework information of the computer system can be systematically copied together from boilerplate languages and templates and the Specifio system does that in a very intelligent and adaptable way (please watch minute 08:40 onwards in the above screencast video).

Let The Results Speak For Themselves

Once the setup is complete, robot drafting of a new patent specification is initiated by sending a locally generated Word document with a set of patent claims to the Specifio email server. That makes sure that encryption can be used.

Specifio then checks that claim set, amends it if necessary, and sends a set of files back to you. All that within minutes. Impressive.

It takes a bit longer if your claim set needs amendment. The Specifio system will notify you that amendments are necessary, and they will amend the claim set on your behalf and start creating the patent application.

I like that way of working.

The claim set that I have submitted with the Specifio system is here: Claims 280822

Actually, this claim set that I have submitted with the Specifio system is one of the various claim sets that I use for testing all Patent Drafting Robots. Doing it this way makes sure that I can better compare them with each other. And here is the original US patent from which I have taken these test claims (click here)

And here is what I got back from Specifio, six (6) files, you can download them here: PATENT APP (Claims User Interface Mechanics Twitter Specifio 30082)



There is a Reference Numeral List, then the original patent claims with the amendments in Word Edit mode, the specification, and there is even a set of figures.

Impressive. Really impressive!

It is a very time-saving task to do a final brush-up of these materials before filing them with a patent office.

If you have questions, then the Specifio people are always there for you.

Test Drive The Specifio Patents Drafting Robot

A fast-forward test drive of the Specifio system, similar to my earlier review of Qatent and PatentPal (click here), is not possible because the Specifio onboarding process requires some guidance from the Specifio people. You will also need some guidance from the Specifio people before you become efficient in using it.

The easiest way to find out more about this software is to check out the materials on their website (click here: https://specif.io/features)

Once you feel comfortable with the idea behind this concept of computer-aided patent drafting then it is time to contact the Specifio people, here https://specif.io/schedule_demo_call

You can also meet the Specifio people in person, very soon.

Here you go:

1st World Robot Patent Drafting Symposium 2022

If you want to find out more about Robot Patent Drafting then sign up to our 1st World Robot Patent Drafting Symposium 2022, here ip-lawyer-tools.com/rpdc2022/

As you can see on the symposium landing page,all the well-known manufacturers of patent drafting robots, including two suppliers from Europe (see the list of manufacturers under the item “Important Information”). Also, a good two dozen top-class speakers will take part who are either manufacturers or experienced users of these patent drafting robots. Even a group of mainly German attorneys who are opposed to such patent drafting software and who will be picking on the problems that come with patent drafting robots will be there, in two of the six speaking sessions.

The event is intentionally held in such a way that not everyone can participate. On the one hand, I am limited to 30 on-site participants and 150 online participants due to the format of the symposium. On the other hand, I want to offer an event where the real doers in the field of “drafting patent applications” can talk to each other directly, without being disturbed.

Here are the advantages of our World Robot Patent Drafting Symposium 2022:

– all (!) well-known manufacturers of patent drafting robots are present and can be contacted directly

– Every well-known software for the automated preparation of patent applications is presented by the manufacturer and they can be compared with each other

– Each manufacturer gives participants 100% money-back vouchers for testing their software

– Six speaking sessions, each 1.5 hours long, in which only information on the subject of “automated preparation of patent applications” is discussed, separated by topic

– No other topics (such as trademarks, designs, etc.) are addressed, it is exclusively about the topic “automated preparation of patent applications”

– two speaking sessions deal exclusively with dangers and problems when using software for the automated preparation of patent applications

– two speaking sessions deal exclusively with facts and technical conditions when using software for the automated preparation of patent applications

– the participants can exchange their contacts and exchange experiences with each other, e.g. about the use of software for the automated preparation of patent applications

– Participants get new ideas for using software when preparing patent applications

– Participation either 100% online or on-site in Cannes (limited seats only!)

– Immediately following our World Robot Patent Drafting Symposium 2022, the FICPI ​​World Congress 2022 will take place at the same location in Cannes, so you can combine both events

Unlike at a trade fair where many different providers come together, our World Robot Patent Drafting Symposium 2022 only addresses users who deal with the topic of “automated preparation of patent applications”. The providers of this software come together and can be addressed centrally. There is no walking around an exhibition hall, and online participants can participate without restriction, even if travel restrictions may apply.

Whatever the Corona virus does in the fall, the World Robot Patent Drafting Symposium 2022 will take place. We have modified and adapted video calling software to create a unique participation experience.

Another important point: there will be no video or audio recording of the event. I will publish a white paper with the most important facts after the event.



Go to that landing page https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/rpdc2022/ and please register for that event. We have just started the official registration yesterday, 29 August 2022.

Please note that we are limited to 30 on-site participants and 150 online participants due to the format of the symposium. And we are talking to 25,000 people in the area of Intellectual Property, so we believe that these seats will be filled, soon.

See you at the convention, either online or on-site in Cannes/France.

Register here https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/rpdc2022/


Martin “Patent Drafting Robot” Schweiger



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