The 4×4 Innovation Meet (#5) With Matthew Wahlrab (US) – Clubhouse Event

The 4×4 Innovation Meet (#5) With Matthew Wahlrab (US) – Clubhouse Event

This event was all about how venture capitalists provide Seed Investments and Series A Investments to start-up companies. If you don´t know what a “Seed” investment or “series A”  investment is then please refer to my “4×4 Innovation Strategy” book, pages 49 – 53 (click here). There, I explain this Fintech babble in the context of the natural innovation process.

Matthew`s company website is here:

Matthew gave us valuable insights into his work.

Typical investments that his company is handling have a size of US$ 50,000 to US$ 250,000 for seed investments, and their sweet spot is US$5 – 10 mio for a Series A investments.

What I took out from this Clubhouse meeting was that Matthew gave me 3 valuable ideas for my own law firm:
1) we need to systematically build up and nurture 50 relationships with bigger entities that we work for
2) our unique way of hiring, onboarding and retaining excellent staff is a value of our business
3) location in a growing market is a value of the business, we need to find these niches

Matthew also discussed standard approaches of start-ups that address growing pockets of shrinking markets. That could be very relevant for my firm.

The LinkedIn event page with the participants is here

And here is the recording of this event 210624_002

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