The 4×4 Innovation Meet (#6) With Michael  Ostrowski (US) – Clubhouse Event

The 4×4 Innovation Meet (#6) With Michael Ostrowski (US) – Clubhouse Event

This event was all about seasoned innovator Michael Ostrowski and his hands-on war stories.

Scott Moskowitz joined us unexpectedly while he had a stop-over in Virginia, on a road trip from Vermont to Florida. He contributed valuable insights.

I enjoyed their contributions very much. Michael is a hydraulics engineering expert and Scott is active in the world of digital contents.

David Perkins provided insights into Innovation Management as done by the Nestlé company.

And Matthew Wahlrab rounded this up with contributions to the mechanics of innovations that are imported by Mergers & Aquisitions.

And there were several questions from the audience, especially from Ricardo Cali and from Prayank Khandelwal.

What I took out from this Clubhouse meeting:
– I should continue to focus my own work on supporting small-size and medium-size companies, and
– I should develop knowledge and contacts for supporting them with knowledge about merging into a bigger business entity

The LinkedIn event page with the participants is here

And here is the recording of this event


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