“The 4×4 Innovation Strategy” – Interview in the Priggya Arora Podcast

“The 4×4 Innovation Strategy” – Interview in the Priggya Arora Podcast

Great pleasure to be interviewed by Priggya Arora. She has a podcast on Youtube, here https://www.youtube.com/@Priggya

She interviewed me about my “4×4 Innovation Strategy” book, which you can download for free (click here).

The video is here:




These were the questions that Priggya asked during the interview:

Q. “Can you tell us your life story? How did you become the person you are today?”

Q. “You have widely spoken about the 4*4 innovation strategy. Can you let us know what exactly that is?”

Q. “How do you apply tactics of R&D, FTO, IP Protection and Market Validation across the four standard technology development phases of Idea, conceptual model, Prototype and Product?”

Q. “Why do you think FTO search plays a bigger and more impactful role than prior art searches in any innovation?”

Q. “Can you predict whether a start-up will be commercially successful or fail? What factor do you think plays the most important role in the failure of a start-up?”

Q. “At what stage of business planning should start-ups implement an IP strategy? How can start-ups with limited finances afford such IP plans?”

Q. “Rapid Fire Round: – 3 things you are grateful for. – 2 traits you think are useful for an innovator. – 1 Aspiration you have for the future”

Q. “Can you share some key takeaways for our audience?”


Great interview, thank you Priggya!


Martin “4×4” Schweiger

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