The 4×4 Innovation Strategy presented in the Priggya Arora show

The 4×4 Innovation Strategy presented in the Priggya Arora show

Priggya Arora has put a very nice wrap-up of my 4×4 Innovation Strategy on Youtube.

You can watch the video  here if you have difficulties in accessing Youtube online:×4-Innovation-Strategy-with-Martin-Schweiger-The-Priggya-Arora-Show-61.mp4

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Today we talk to Martin Schweiger, a patent attorney based in Singapore who specializes in patenting computer-related inventions.

Martin’s many years of experience in the innovation sector has culminated in his theory – the 4×4 Innovation Strategy. Join us as he explains the concept, and how it can help turn your ideas into reality.

In Episode 61 as we discuss:

👉 How he came up with the 4×4 Innovation Strategy after he started considering why startups fail

👉 How knowing what the market wants and having IP protection early on in the invention process is crucial

👉 How the 4×4 Innovation Strategy lays down a roadmap for your innovation journey

👉 The importance of the freedom to operate search

👉 Why it’s essential to keep track of the overall readiness of the technology at every stage

👉 How successful products tend to follow some specific strategic goals

👉 How can you predict if your startup venture is going to succeed or not?

👉 The three types of people every startup needs to have in order to succeed.

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