The “4×4 Innovation Strategy Roadshow” Screencast Is Out

The “4×4 Innovation Strategy Roadshow” Screencast Is Out

That screencast is the result of talking with my colleague Praveer Gupta about my book “4×4 Innovation Strategy”.

I do not know what it was, but he was somehow caught by the idea of systematically sending away inventors if it is very prominent that they will not be able to benefit from a patent application, as mentioned in my earlier article (click here).

His only complaint about my book was that I did not explain enough what my 4×4 Innovation matrix stands for.

Please watch my screencast if you want to find out more:



And here is the overview of my talk:

By the way, I made this screencast a part of my FREE “Intellectual Property Bootcamp” course (click here) because I think that it is so important for everyone that deals with Innovation.

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