The 4×4 Innovation Strategy

How to Turbocharge your Inventions (And Make a Successful Product)

My book “The 4×4 Innovation Strategy” can be found in three versions

1. The Shotgun Edition is a summary condensing the most important points for time-strapped readers. It comes in the form of a Kindle ebook (click here) for easy reading on a handheld device. Like a shotgun, this edition intends to shoot in the general right direction with hopes of hitting the target. People who are short of time would read that Kindle ebook first.

The abridged Shotgun Edition of my book is available on Amazon (click here), both in Kindle format and in Paperback format. If you cannot buy it there then it is probably because it is not offered in your country`s local Amazon shop. Use a VPN (click here for finding out how) to access Amazon from within the USA or move your Amazon account to the US (click here for finding out how).

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2. The Rifle Edition is a comprehensive business book meant for professionals who work with inventors, be they accountants, lawyers, investors, bureaucrats, or even the general public. Like a rifle, this edition is more powerful than a shotgun, and can go a further distance in explaining these complex concepts. You also get a one-month trial ordinary membership access to my personal website here, with training courses for intellectual property, innovation strategy and business-related topics.

The comprehensive Rifle Edition of the “The 4×4 Innovation Strategy” is available in pdf format by clicking on the green button below.  The comprehensive Rifle Edition is much longer than the Kindle version, and it comes with an Index and – if you do it right – with a one-month membership to my website that gives you free courses and access to my B/F prior art search widget. You get access to the members-only forums on my website and you can post comments and questions about my book.

The comprehensive Rifle Edition of the “The 4×4 Innovation Strategy” also includes lifetime free upgrades to new versions of my e-book.

The purchase price of my printed book is US$ 19.90 on Amazon, as a paperback version (click here).

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3. The Scope Edition is a value-added premium hardcover version intended for innovators and their managers.

It comes with a one-month trial premium membership access to a special section of my website that is hidden from the public. That means that you get a direct access to me and the team of editors and you can clarify your questions there. There will be other premium members with similar problems, and this community will help you to better achieve what you have in mind for your innovation.

This means that you can get personalized information when you need it.

Like a scope rifle, The Scope Edition is a powerful, highly-focused tool to further advance and promote your innovation in depth.


4. And this is what my book is all about

My book starts where other books about innovation end.

I have seen more than one hundred bankruptcies from the inside and more than six hundred failed product ideas over 27 years.

In my book “The 4×4 Innovation Strategy”, I will take you by the hand and walk you down to the morgue. By way of example, I will dissect dead innovation and derive a simple yet efficient structure that helps you better understand what made these casualties happen.

Starting from there, it becomes clear that – as is often in life – an organized defense line is more important than a bold center forward.

Entrepreneurs receive a big picture model to easily communicate what they are planning to do, aligning their technicians and managers to perform better in new product development. Investors get a more transparent picture of what they are investing in, what they can possibly expect in the near future, and when is a good time to exit their investment.

My book also helps people who advise start-up companies in business matters, such as general lawyers, accountants, and marketing experts. It is my calling to produce materials that guide these support professionals through the minefields that come with innovation. My book will also help you to better cooperate with patent attorneys, who are the trained hands-on specialists in intellectual property law.

5. My book is for

  • Inventors who want to commercialize their innovative ideas, and who believe that a successful business is not just about the products themselves
  • Innovation Managers who want to help their R&D teams to stay on track and to meet their KPIs
  • Legal professionals who want to help their own clients when asked for advice outside their own domains of expertise
  • Investors who want to understand better how to discern between a juicy opportunity and just another money sinkhole
  • Young and bright people who want to understand how intellectual property, innovation strategy and entrepreneurship fit together


6. Yes, there is online content for my book

The following members-only forums mirror the chapters of my “The 4×4 Innovation Strategy” book:

Part A: Innovation
Success and Failure

Part B: Hierarchy
Innovation Strategy

Part C: The Rules
Research & Development (R&D)
Freedom-to-Operate (FTO)
Intellectual Property (IP) Protection
Market Validation

Part D: The Consequences
Two Inventors, Two Outcomes

Part E: Conclusion