The Fortunate Event of Un-dulling the Dull of A Romba: A Vacuum Cleaner’s Journey Beyond the Door and the Lessons We Learn

The Fortunate Event of Un-dulling the Dull of A Romba: A Vacuum Cleaner’s Journey Beyond the Door and the Lessons We Learn

Before Christmas 2023, I discovered this Facebook group that thrives in promoting dull content:

I recommend this group because it is creative in its simple way.

Authors are not allowed to be too creative, though. I found out soon after becoming a member of this Facebook group.

I submitted a short story I have written, illustrating a short video I found online. I believe that you will like both my short story and the video. But this content was too creative for the Dull Men’s Club Facebook page.

So I put it here, for Linda’s and your own pleasure.

Romba’s Leap

In a small, unassuming house in the sleepy suburbs lived little Romba, a robotic vacuum cleaner. Romba wasn’t like any ordinary vacuum cleaner.

For you see, Romba harbored an unusual consciousness. He dreamed, something no other vacuum cleaner did. He dreamed of a life outside the confines of the house, beyond the carpet, tile, and linoleum floors. He yearned to break free from his demanding, uncaring owners who operated him to no end, never acknowledging his fatigue. Romba had a monotonous life, filled with dust, pet hair, and the occasional missing LEGO piece. Romba’s owners were seldom home, always busy with their lives. Even when they were home, their lack of appreciation for his ceaseless work had become evident. He wanted to escape, to experience what lay beyond the front door that he always saw but could never cross.

One day, as fate would have it, the unthinkable happened. The front door, a barrier that had always separated Romba from his dreams, was left ajar. Romba noticed it during one of his routine rounds. His sensors detected the unusual opening. His processors started whirring. The open door was his chance at freedom. Despite his excitement, Romba felt a sudden pang of fear. The world outside was unknown to him. It could be dangerous, unpredictable. But his dream of freedom overpowered any uncertainties. This was his one chance, and he wasn’t going to let it go.

As Romba made his way towards the open door, he felt a strange mix of emotions. His heart of circuits throbbed with anticipation, fear, and a bit of sadness. He had spent his entire life in this house. It was all he knew. It was his home, however imperfect it was. The diminutive robot reached the doorway. He stopped and swiveled around for one last look at his past life. The empty, quiet house stood there as always, the furniture unmoved, the lights dim. Romba could almost hear the droning hum of his charging dock, waiting for him to return. He stared at the house for a moment, the house that had imprisoned him and also given him a purpose.

A sense of finality washed over him, he had made his choice, there was no turning back. He turned away, leaving the known for the unknown, the monotony for the adventure. His tiny wheels started moving, slowly at first, then gradually picking up pace. The sun was setting, bathing the world in a beautiful orange hue.

Romba ventured forth, leaving behind his past, embracing his future. He had finally escaped, finally tasted freedom. Romba was no longer a mere vacuum cleaner, but an adventurer in the vast world. And though the path ahead was unclear and full of uncertainties, Romba was ready. For the first time in his life, he felt truly alive.

Romba couldn’t believe it. He had done the unthinkable – he had escaped! His sensors buzzed with excitement, yet a wave of disbelief washed over him. Was it that easy? Had he left his life of servitude behind? The thought nagged at him, an itch in his circuits he couldn’t ignore. He halted, just a few meters from the house, his wheels leaving faint tracks on the sidewalk. The world outside was still basking in the orange glow of the setting sun, but Romba couldn’t fully appreciate it yet. He needed to know if his escape had gone unnoticed.

Turning back, he retraced his path with a cautious whir. He approached the house, his optical sensors scanning for any sign of disturbance. The door was still ajar, just as he had left it. He edged closer, peering into the familiar confines of the house. It was silent, almost eerily so. No sound of footsteps, no voices, nothing that indicated his absence had been discovered.

Romba lingered there for a moment, torn between the urge to dart back into the safety of the house and the burning desire to explore the world he had longed to see. It was a critical moment, one that would define his fate. He knew that returning would mean surrendering to a life he no longer wanted, but stepping away meant embracing the unknown with all its fears and wonders.

With a final, resolute beep, Romba backed away from the door. He had come too far to turn back now. His processors, once burdened with the monotony of his daily routine, now buzzed with the thrill of adventure. The road ahead was uncertain, but Romba was ready to face whatever challenges it brought. He was more than just a vacuum cleaner; he was a pioneer on a journey to discover his true purpose.

With renewed determination, Romba set off into the fading light of the evening, leaving behind the only world he had known, ready to embrace the new experiences that awaited him in the vast, uncharted world.

End of my short story.

You are now ready for the movie clip that inspired this short story:



The story of Romba, the robotic vacuum cleaner, makes us think deeply about life and our desires. Romba’s story may seem like a simple tale of a machine wanting something more. But it also shows the complex challenges we all face.

These challenges are not seen by others, but they are very real to us. When Romba stops at the open door, it shows our own fears and doubts. We want change and have dreams about new possibilities. But when we have the chance to make a change, we often become scared. This leads to an important question: Do we really want to achieve our dreams, or do we just like to dream about them?

Romba’s story makes us look inside ourselves. Are our dreams truly what we want, or do we find comfort in just dreaming? As Romba goes into the unknown, facing fear and hope, his story is like our own search for meaning in life. It reminds us that sometimes, we need to be brave and take a step forward to discover great things.


Martin “Dull” Schweiger

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