Travelling to 3rd World Countries – Diarrhea Prevention

Travelling to 3rd World Countries – Diarrhea Prevention

Diarrhea prevention is to be taken seriously.

Yes, even if you stay at a 5-star hotel.

We all know this: only cooked food, bottled water, beer, and wine.

What is more important is to know from what you have to stay away:
– cut fruits, fruit punches, salads
– tap water, even for brushing your teeth
– ice cubes
– mayonnaise dishes (egg/mayo sandwiches, etc.)
– desserts with a gravy (tiramisu, etc.)
– re-filled water bottles, with a broken seal (they are glued in order to disguise the broken seal)

And please note that when you see that someone else is eating something, this does NOT mean that you also can eat it.

Important: once you attract diarrhea, ask the hotel staff to call a doctor for you.

Doctors are covered by your travel insurance and they come to see you in your hotel. And they are very helpful.

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