Truth and Prosperity – 6 Reasons for Measuring Your Own Computer Worktime

Truth and Prosperity – 6 Reasons for Measuring Your Own Computer Worktime

Here is what helps me a lot.

And if it helps me it may also help you.

I have recorded a short video about using it:


My six (6) reasons for using this program

Starting point: create a metric that nobody else has. Use your computer for measuring how you spend your time while using it.

Then use that metric for:

  • finding out time killers in your life
  • measuring improvements of your efficiency
  • justifying your home office workplace
  • improving your external billings
  • negotiating a better salary
  • encouraging your team


Why We Are Using Wisetime in Our IP Law Firm

We are probably not the first law firm that used the Covid-19 boost to push our firm 100% into the cloud but we are definitely one of the first ones world-wide who do so.

We are using time-tracking software for our employees in order to make sure that they can log what they are doing.

The reason for time-tracking our people is not that we want to monitor what they are doing in order to better keep them working, but we want to identify repetitive tasks that we can automate.

There is only one software that makes sure that the privacy of our people and the GDPR requirements are kept: WiseTime. You can delete entries from your activity timeline prior to posting, set up privacy preferences to control what gets included in your timeline, as well as control your personal data retention period.

While we are using WiseTime as a team, the software can also be used by single users for only $10/month, and this is worth it because it makes it so easy to log your individual time spent on your computer.


Call to Action

Install Wisetime on your computer now, by signing up for a free trial (click here).

Tag your worktimes on a daily basis.

Follow my Wisetime article series here, I will show you how I use that tool for improving my efficiency.


Martin “efficient” Schweiger



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