Unsafe Your Computer Password Is. And What About That Do You Can

Unsafe Your Computer Password Is. And What About That Do You Can

If you have never thought about the safety of your computer passwords then now is the time to do so.

I have found the following chart in the Internet (click here):


The above chart is worth some time of contemplation.

In very short words: any password that consists of less than 11 letters – whether small or capital or mixed – is easily hacked, in no time.

That renders words like “MyEternalLuv” and “SchnuckelPutz” useless when put as a computer password. They can be hacked instantly.

Add a number between the words and you are fine: it takes many years to hack “My9Eternal8Luv” and “Schnuckel9Putz

Add a symbol and your password is good for eternity: “My9Eternal8Luv!” and “Schnuckel9Putz+

Call To Action

Test ten (10) of your computer passwords with the above table. Do that now. With ten actual passwords.

Not only will your passwords with all likelihood fail the test above. You will probably also not have ten (10) different computer passwords because with all likelihood you are using one and the same computer password for several applications. That is a deadly sin and this leads to the use of an Internet password manager program, such as KeePass. Read more about that here: https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/save-valuable-time-with-this-internet-password-manager-program/

If you clean up this mess in your life today then you can rightly say that you have achieved a big milestone in computer security. Only 1% of all computer users have what you have.


Martin “security” Schweiger



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