Use the Chrome Internet Browser on Your Desktop Computer for Viewing the Mobile Version of Your Website

Use the Chrome Internet Browser on Your Desktop Computer for Viewing the Mobile Version of Your Website

This is what I recommend over and over: do full checks of your website again and again.

Do this diligently and on a regular basis. Provide a step-by-step checklist so that you can delegate this task to others.

The check should mention checking the website security and the website speed (click here)

The checklist should mention a check for broken links.

The checklist should also mention test purchases to see whether the payment system still works.

But what is most often overlooked is this: check your website from different mobile devices. More than 80% of the purchasers access your website from a mobile device.

Example: Purchase Button is Blocked by Other Elements

This is what we found on the website for one of the clients in our firm’s licensing support program

The top picture shows the website on the desktop Internet browser. All in good order.

But on many mobile devices, the “Get It Now” purchase button was blocked by the Whatsapp button, as you can see in the lower left picture.

After a complaint to the IT department, this overlap was removed, as you can see in the lower right picture.

How To View The Mobile Version of Your Website on Your Desktop Computer

This is how you do it: open your website in the Chrome browser of your desktop computer.

Then click on the right mouse button and the following menu will open:

Click on the menu item “inspect” and a new page view will open:

You have three (3) important buttons here:

  • the toggle between “desktop view” and “mobile view”
  • the toggle between “cursor mode” and “element inspection mode” (the little arrow symbol)
  • the selection for the mobile device that you want to use for viewing your website

In the example above, I have marked these three buttons with a red arrow, so you should be able to find your way around.

And if you want short guidance on navigating around, please watch the following explainer video.



Check your website weekly. Seriously.

Your website technician will not do that job.

And do several test purchases every week.

Do that from the mobile version of your website and not from the desktop version.


Martin “Double-Check” Schweiger

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