Useful Online Reading Stuff. 408 Non-Fiction Science & Engineering Books For Free.

Useful Online Reading Stuff. 408 Non-Fiction Science & Engineering Books For Free.

Do you like reading fictional books, such as novels? I don`t.

I like good autobiographies and travel stories. Provided that on each page of the story there is a good reason for reading the next page.

And I like non-fictional books about areas that interest me.

If you also like non-fictional books then I have here a document that will give you two times fun: free Springer Ebooks. Click on this link and download the list of these books as a pdf file. On that list you can find the links to these books.

These are 408 books out of various areas in Science & Engineering, for free.

The Springer Verlag is a famous publishing house in Germany. That one is comparable to publishing houses like Wiley and Harper & Row in the US. A book that is published by Springer Verlag can be taken seriously.

I do not know why Springer Verlag is giving away these books but it has probably to do with low sales figures of these books.


The Springer Free Ebook List Gives You Two Times Fun

Please download this list and check it out. Going through the 408 individual book titles will show you a natural law.

That law is Sturgeon`s law

Ninety percent of everything is crap.

Theodore Sturgeon (1918 – 1985)

Or, worded the other way around: Ten percent of everything is good. And now the next step: ten percent of ten percent (= one percent) of everything is excellent.

My good guess is that you find 4 book titles of the 408 book titles intriguing.

The first fun is to find a book that interests you, by the title.

Book titles from this list of 408 book titles that intrigued me are:

  • “Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange” by Octave Levenspiel
  • “Reactive Power Control in AC Power Systems” by Naser Mahdavi Tabatabaei, Ali Jafari Aghbolaghi, Nicu Bizon, and Frede Blaabjerg
  • “The Algorithm Design Manual” by Steven S Skiena
  • “Brewing Science: A Multidisciplinary Approach” by Michael Mosher, Kenneth Trantham
  • “Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion” by Henning Struchtrup
  • “Food Fraud Prevention” by John W. Spink

The second fun is downloading these books and checking them out.

As you can guess, I found four of these books worth reading: “Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange”, “Brewing Science: A Multidisciplinary Approach”, “The Algorithm Design Manual”, and “Food Fraud Prevention”,

Which also confirms my personal law, Martin Schweiger`s law:

One percent of everything is excellent.

Martin Schweiger (1965 – )

Actually, Martin Schweiger`s law is linked with Sturgeon`s law by the following formula:

Martin Schweiger`s law =  (1 – Sturgeon`s law)^2

So there is not much novel here.

The important aspect is that this criteria is individual. That means that my “one percent of excellence” is probably different from your “one percent of excellence”.

In other words: my cup of tea is probably not your cup of tea.


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Martin “Taste” Schweiger


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