“Vaccine”. Yes Or No.

“Vaccine”. Yes Or No.


I can very soon have one because I live in Singapore.

But why would I take it?

They say that it does NOT keep me from getting sick. But it may decrease the risk of getting a “serious infection”, whatever that means.

And they say that it may cut down the duration of the symptoms. I thought that I would not get an infection when I have a vaccine.

And they say that it does NOT prevent us from infecting others.

Why do they call it “vaccine” then? According to the law, it is nothing else than a “preventive therapy”.

Switch brain on: you can as well do a regular nose-wash, see my old article from 2019, pre-Covid-19 (click here).

Would I still take the “vaccine”? Yes, because airlines will require “it” before I can board a plane. And I will have to travel sometime in the future.

Martin “Flu” Schweiger

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