Watch out for Kaputt Feet. And better Read this when You are Still Young.

Watch out for Kaputt Feet. And better Read this when You are Still Young.

Summer time. People walk in slippers. Do your research now.

Look for people age above 50, preferably men, with feet like this one:

They all have one very visible thing in common: the big toe is bent inwards.

Most of the time, this damage comes with further damages, such as corns and hammer toes. These men usually also have flat feet, which means that the lateral and longitudinal arches of the feet disappeared: they walk like elephants.

Ask these men whether they have pain in their feet, knees, hips and/or back. They all have pain. Everywhere. And they will tell you this right away if you only ask with a factual interest.

And it will cost them lifetime. A knee or hip surgery at the age of 60 will reduce your chronic pain, but you will spend months in boring rehabilitation.

I don´t have any chronic pain in my body, anywhere. I never had.

Sometimes I am in pain, for a short time only, because of a sports injury. Or if there is rainy weather for more than 3 days in a row. But that is normal, I am 53 years old.

My own Feet are Healthy

I was lucky, when I was your young age. I met Schuh Bertl when he just took over his shop in Munich, from the brother of the former president of FC Bayern Munich, Wilhelm Neudecker. My simple student´s room was just 200 meters walking distance away from his shop. This is how I ran into him. I became his first customer.

This is Schuh Bertl today, in his workshop:

Schuh Bertl looked after my feet for more than 30 years, and he still does. Here is the result:

What is Schuh Bertl´s Recipe for Success?

Many things are part of Schuh Bertl´s recipe for success. He grew his business from zero, and he became a celebrity and a wealthy man.

He taught me the two most important aspects of foot wear which impact the health of my feet:

First, all toes must have enough space.

Second, wear stiff orthotics if you are overweight, if you are old, or if you do heavy lifting.

Sources for Good Shoes with Space for Your Toes

Schuh Bertl´s Online Shop, here For office work, I am wearing the Derby Halbschuh or the Sandale City, with black socks. In my leisure time I am wearing the Haferl Sandale or the Bertl Sneaker. For lifting weights, I am wearing a customized Bertl Sportschuh. That´s all what I need for my life.

I tried other sources, and they work as well:

If you live in the USA, you can try Smith´s Shoes, I recommend the Cardell Plain Toe Black. Or similar. Just tell them what you want.

If you live outside of Europe or the USA, locate your next Red Wings Shoes store. They have dealerships all over the world, check the Google search engine. Red Wings sells work shoes and that is what you need. This is healthy foot wear with an acceptable look. For the office I recommend the plain Men´s Readiflex Oxford or the Budapest style Men´s Readiflex Oxford. Red Wings changes their styles all the time (I find this unneccessary) but they always have sturdy and healthy shoes.

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