What if You Know how Long You are going to Live? Your Life Expectancy Matters.

What if You Know how Long You are going to Live? Your Life Expectancy Matters.

How long will you live?

Nobody knows for sure.

But you should at least have an idea about how long you may live. The answer to this question has a big impact on your life, whatever your current age is.

Why is it so important to know your expected life time left?

It tells you where you will be financially in your retirement age. And how long will your money last? Do you really believe that your government will be able to fund you when you are old? In Germany, currently there are almost 4,000 new retirees every day! In the USA, there are 10,000 new retirees every day. The point is this: I don`t believe that there will be retirement money left for me in 15 years from now.

How much time is left on your meter to achieve your life goals? Do you have a life goal at all? If not, then it is time to determine a life goal. I am talking about this on my blog.

And maybe more important when you are still young: how does your current lifestyle influence your expected dying age? Is smoking and drinking shortening your life, or not? If yes, by how much time? Can you still influence your expected dying age by changing your lifestyle? I am talking about this on my blog.

But first things first.

How to find out your likely dying age?

I believe in the law of large numbers, and this is what life insurances have done for decades: they have collected life expectancy data. You can retrieve it and apply it to yourself, by accessing their free online life expectancy calculators.

Here is a collection of useful free online life expectancy calculators:

It’s best to get a second opinion. Compare two or three calculator results.

Now you are surprised, correct?

What does “life expectancy” mean?

Please note, only half of the people will make it to the age that the calculators produce.

The calculated life expectancy does not mean that you will become as old as the life expectancy calculator says. It means that 50% of your peers with a similar profile will reach this age. The other 50% are gone by then. Maybe you too are gone. Do you know where you will be going then?

Be careful with your personal data when you run the test.

No worries, you can and should be honest about the lifestyle questions when you use the life expectancy calculators. But don`t give them an email address that is linked with a social media account. A word to the wise is sufficient.

This was my reaction to finding out my expected dying age.

What does it help to become 88 years old, being ill and immobile for the last 20 years of your life?

Martin “will I really become so old?” Schweiger

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