What is a Patent Attorney and how can a Patent Attorney add Value to your Business

What is a Patent Attorney and how can a Patent Attorney add Value to your Business

This talk comes with a nice story.

As you might know, I am a member of FICPI, the trusted global community of independent Patent Attorneys, Trademark Attorneys and Lawyers that specialize in IP, in private practice. Click here.

And when it comes to IP, it always starts with myth-busting. Everybody has heard of patents, trademarks, counterfeit copies, and licenses, just to name a few.

FICPI has recently released a set of PowerPoint slide sets that could be used for public talks, in order to educate people better about our area.

And I have today taken one of these slide sets and converted it into a nice little screencast video:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3H2_f4mFYk

The slides are available for download on SlideShare, click here.

And this is the timeline:

– comparison lawyer vs. patent attorney

– Protecting Intellectual Property rights drives business growth

– The Role of the Patent Attorney

– How the benefits of a Patent Attorney earn the investment

– Why IP applications are more successful with the support of a Patent Attorney

– ten ways that independent Patent Attorneys create that confidence and add expertise to the procurement of IP rights.

– Find a Patent Attorney with Expertise in your Idea’s Technical Field

– 5 Savvy Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Patent Attorney

– FAQ: Is it true that good ideas are stolen or copied?

– FAQ: Are counterfeits from China a problem for small businesses?

– What is FICPI and how can it help small businesses protect their intellectual property?

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