Why do You Need Professional Information and Why do You Need to Pay for it?

Why do You Need Professional Information and Why do You Need to Pay for it?

Young fellow.

This is not necessary, believe me. It is all on you. Now.

Starting Point, the Problem

Look at our legal profession. It is about to enter a new era: the take-over by A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and its dominance by the Consumers, our paying clients.

Yes, you read right, “by the Consumers, our paying clients.” Anyone of us who still makes money on their ignorance will soon need to look for a new career.

In 20 years from now, 80% of an IP lawyer’s work will be taken over by A.I. – most of it by direct interaction with the Customers.

At the same time, the remaining 20% of legal work will be done by 100% of the IP law firms of today. There won’t be much shrinkage in the number of law firms.

Now look at any law firm of today and guess who will be cut off first: the trained lawyers or the paralegals?

The answer is simple: in 20 years from now, junior lawyers will do the work of most of today’s paralegals for the same salary, this goes without question.

Only very few paralegals will be left: namely those who can do the work of a trained lawyer without being one.

And only very few junior lawyers will make it to the top 4% of lawyers who will make 64% of the total income in our profession (think “Pareto Principle”). In other words, as compared with today, very few lawyers will make much more money.

Is there a Solution? Yes, there is.

This can mean only one thing for you: qualify yourself!

This is what my webpage is all about. About qualifying yourself.

You need a guide. Compare and chose your guide wisely.

Believe in customers, our paying clients. This is the only measurable variable in the game.

Don’t believe in famous names and certificates anymore. They are static.

Don’t believe in politicians and unions who promise to improve your life by subsidies and financial aids. They are not telling the truth.

Don’t believe in retirement promises. They won’t materialize.

Try to get more clients, try to sell them more and sell your services for a higher price. These are the only three ways to make more money.

There is no other way to make more money.

You will have to systematically learn how to do this.

Start with this today. Start here.

Sowing comes before reaping

Get used to investing your time and your money.

Set a goal and find out how to achieve it in less time and by paying less money.

Don’t waste your time. Time is short.

Money is short, too, but it can be replaced. Time cannot be replaced. The clock is ticking.

Therefore, when you have the choice between spending your money or your time in order to achieve the same thing, then spend your money.

Don’t be pound foolish, get used to pay money 

Get used to paying for information and get used to paying for your professional training if you can shortcut the way to achieve your goal.

This is why I run this website. It is here for helping you. You can tap into more than two decades of hands-on experience in the field of Intellectual Property.

Subscribe here and take those courses. You will not find such outspoken information in such a concentrated form elsewhere. Pay for the courses.

Take part in the forum discussions. Invest your time.

Get used to it. Set up a regular schedule for participating here.

Act now

Try it out. Sign up now.

I would rather you sign up for a paid course now and to cancel the membership and the course within the 100%-money-back period than not trying it at all.

I will not have any bad feeling if you tried it out and decided to cancel it. Promise.

If you still feel that it is not yet the right time to change your professional life, then subscribe to my free Tip of the Week. Use it to “test drive” my website. Check out the free material here.

What can you read?

As an intro, you can read the book: “Who moved my Cheese?” It is available for free in the Internet, you may find some links here: http://bit.ly/WhoMovedMyCheeseGoogle 

You can read it in less than one hour’s time.

It helped me and it may also help you.

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