Your Pre-Recession Resumé on LinkedIn

Your Pre-Recession Resumé on LinkedIn

This is a serious call to action.

If you have not yet done so, update your LinkedIn profile. I have written about that here

My article above shows you how to tremendously improve your LinkedIn profile in only one hour.

Why Updating Your LikedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile will get you an interview when you need it.

You may soon need to apply for a new job, because there is a world-wide recession looming. If you are running your own firm, you may then need interviews for finding new clients.

There is always a recession. The last recession was ten years back, in 2008/2009. Ten years is a long time. There was never before such a long time period without a recession.

I still remember the 2001-2003 recession. And before that, there was the 1997 recession. And before that, there was the 1993 recession. And before that, there was the 1987 recession.

I vividly remember all these recessions because I set up my own business back in 1985.

In short words: “recession” means “use the profits for marketing”. Which also means that there will be no profits from your business left.

Why Updating Your LinkedIn Profile is Good for You

Updating your LinkedIn profile will also give you an opportunity to re-align your life goals.

I recently became aware of a colleague being diagnosed with cancer. I do not know what she will do with that but I know what I would do in her place.

I would double-check my life goals: what can I do with the little time left to complete what I have started?

If you have no life goals, one way to find them is to write your own obituary.

Your obituary will one day make others think: “when I am dead, I want to have someone saying similarly good things at my own funeral”.

A Good Obituary

A good obituary is not longer than 10 minutes, and it has three parts:

  • your five achievements that you regard as the most important, in order of their importance.
  • the achievement that cost you the most to achieve, and what you had to give up in order to attain it
  • the achievement that took you the longest to achieve, and why.

And then compare your obituary with your LinkedIn profile. There better is a visible match between the two.

Call to Action

Open your LinkedIn profile; now.

Check whether your LinkedIn profile matches with your life goals.

Then update both.

Use Evernote.


Martin “Calling” Schweiger

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