The 4×4 Entrepreneur Assessment


The 4×4 Entrepreneur Assessment – Understand how psychology affects your success as a start-up founder 


Have you ever wondered why some people naturally thrive as entrepreneurs? 

While others run into weird obstacles? Or how some business owners make decisions that seem good, but end up blowing up their companies?  

Usually, it’s not about their product. It’s also not about their market. 

These things matter, but sometimes not as much as the hidden aspects most people don’t pay attention to. 

I’m talking about personality —how you are wired, and the instinctive mindset that you have. 

Because who you are affects how you think, act and run your business. 

All else being equal, your fundamental psychology is the difference between your success and failure as an entrepreneur. 

Introducing The 4×4 Entrepreneur Assessment

I am currently writing a new book, titled The 4×4 Entrepreneur Assessment

It is based on a series of tests I’ve developed over the years, that have helped me to determine whether a start-up founder will have an easier or harder time running his company. 

I have used this Entrepreneur Assessment to help young entrepreneurs find their strengths and weaknesses. I have also tested seasoned successful entrepreneurs, in order to refine my skills as a business advisor.

My conclusion is that you cannot easily learn how to become an entrepreneur. As in many other aspects of life, being successful as an entrepreneur is difficult. But while I do not think that each and everyone can learn to be a successful entrepreneur, I do know that many carry the seed for entrepreneurship within themselves.

Understanding the “Entrepreneurial Mindset”

In this book, I will show you: 

  • how entrepreneurship should function within a company, and why entrepreneurs are different from other roles 
  • what is the psychology of entrepreneurs, and why they are fundamentally different from ‘normal’ people 
  • how to identify whether you have an entrepreneurial mindset or not, through a series of self-assessments 

For a taste of what will be in the book, here is an early outline from a talk I gave back in 2018 (click here). It guides you through the various tests, with an emphasis on Subclinical Psychopathy.

What else does this book cover? 

In addition to the above, the book will also include: 

  • strategies for success, reasons for failure, and other general business advice 
  • the basics of intellectual property (IP) and what you need to know to protect your product 
  • case studies and real life stories of entrepreneurial success and failure 
  • how psychology and mindset integrates with a model for innovation strategy (as seen in my other book The 4×4 Innovation Strategy)

Special pre-launch: take the Entrepreneur Assessment 

While the book is still under development, I am offering you a chance to be part of a limited group of advanced readers. 

  • You will get to take a selection of assessment tests
  • You will receive access to special content  
  • You will get your questions answered
  • Your story may even be featured in the book 

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