Gary North, RIP

Gary North, RIP

With great sadness I hear that Dr. Gary North passed away.

He was probably the person with the biggest impact on my own life, in many ways.

Not only was he the driver behind the present website, he also contributed many articles to it.

I have dedicated my book “The 4×4 Innovation Strategy” to him because many of the fundamental teachings therein are biblical and therefore natural, and he was the one who taught me to recognize these patterns both in the Bible and at the same time in my life as it is happening.

This is how he wanted to be referenced in my book:

This book is dedicated to Dr. Gary North, scholar, businessman, author, publisher, gold coin salesman, ex-employee of the sovereign state of the US Congress, biblical economist, online  homeschool curriculum developer, marketer, counselor, cancer survivor, father of four, mentor, teacher, and child of God.

It was the cancer who finally got him.

Dr. North passed away a few days after his 80th birthday, fulfilling Psalm 90, 10a:

Our days may come to seventy years,  or eighty, if our strength endures.

What was important to Gary North was that his many books and publications should be copied and distributed by others beyond his death, but without any change made to them.

This is what Dr. North wrote in one of his recent articles (click here):

… I have released my books into the public domain by way of Creative Commons, thereby turning over the use of my books to anybody who wants to reprint them. They do not have to pay me anything.

So if you find one of Dr. North’s books useful, please feel free to re-publish a full copy of this book on your website, but without changing the wordings and without adding anything. Please contact me directly if you need further evidence for my statement being true.

You can find some of Gary North books here , and here,.

An obituary can be found here

It ends with the following words:

His work is done. His rest has begun.

Rest in peace teacher, my hope is to meet you soon in heaven.

I am very sad.

Martin “Covenantalist” Schweiger


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