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Foreign associate does not pay us

We are having a problem with a payment of the Canadian IP office ABC and the IP Agent Mr. Matthew XYZ, more than a year ago, we have filed a PCT patent national phase in our country, for the company NOUVEAUX TECHNIQUES INC. also of Canadá and we have not received any payment from these colleagues claiming that the client has not paid them either. There is a colleague who has already worked with them and experienced similar problems?


I deeply regret the unpoliteness of this note. Your client is not a member of the group and therefore has not been given the right to reply. What would you say if he simply stated he did not pay you b ... [read more]
Lesson learned during last recession: never provide any work without having secured the money from the client. When even big companies can go bankrupt, why should small start-ups be safe? Alternativel ... [read more]
Thank you Martin, we have already learned the lesson, it is the first time that occurs in so many years of profession as IP agents, however, the patent will be abandoned for not receive the funds in t ... [read more]
why 50% and not 100%? By collecting 100% you make it also easier for the foreign associates to collect their own fees at the same time.
It is true Martin, you are right we will adopt this practice of request the 100% in advance thank you @barbapappa: We say it directly and in simple words, the lack of courtesy is from the ABC LLP and ... [read more]