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IP Ownership Quiz

Just found this quiz from Philip Mendes - Opteon


Take this quick quiz:

1. Our company automatically owns the IP created by our directors in the same way that it automatically owns the IP created by our employees. True or False?

2. Joint ownership of IP between two companies that are collaborating is in both their interests – its mutual so the joint owners are treated equally. True or False?

3. IP that arises in a collaboration that improves our Existing IP is automatically owned by us. True or False?

4. An option to negotiate a license is never legally binding so we have no legal exposures under it. True or False?

Phil Mendes says that the correct answer to every question is "false". Do you agree?

a) While the right answers to questions 2 and 3 are obviously "false", question 1 is trickier. A director is not necessarily an employee of a company. He is also an organ of the company, and he can ha ... [read more]