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Locarno Classification

One of my clients wants to register a graphic design in Singapore, meant to be used on boxes, leaflets, etc.

An online search of the Locarno Classification shows that the appropriate class is 32-00 for “Graphic designs (two-dimensional)”.

The design application form in Singapore however, only allows for selection of Locarno classes 1 to 31. There is no Class 32 available.

This is quite bizarre and I am wondering which is the appropriate class to select then?


I have checked the Locarno Classification online (click here) and you are right. Class 32 is the class for graphic designs.

I do not know why but for Singapore, there is only Class 1 - 31 of the Locarno Classification. You need to choose the closest article that the graphic design will be applied to, for example 09-05 for packaging sleeves for your case.

The good news is that the Locarno class for which your client´s design will be registered has zero influence on the scope of protection of that registered design. In other words, even if you register that graphics design in the Locarno class 01 for "Foodstuffs", it will still protect that graphics design if it used on something else.