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Trade mark protection - word mark, logo mark or composite mark?

My client's brand consists of a word and a device (logo), see for example this:

Please note that this is not the real trademark.

Mostly, my client uses both the word and the logo together, as shown above. However, my client also uses each individual component of the brand on its own, i.e. sometimes my client just uses the word in stylized form alone, and sometimes the logo alone.

Both the meaning of the word and the logo are fully distinctive for the goods and services in question.

How should my client protect its brand in such a case? Should my client register the brand as an un-stylized word mark, a logo mark or as a composite mark with the stylized word and the device? Is there really a need to seek separate trade mark protection over each component of the brand?

Your example is a very common case which happens often in practice. The most important rule is that one should always register a trademark as it is used. As a general rule, if a trademark is not used ... [read more]