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What makes a good Manager?

I am wondering about what makes a good manager? Should I read a book on that?

Now that is a good question. This one goes down to one of the roots of the problem of failing companies. A manager must clearly see his position in the value chain of a company. A manager is never doi ... [read more]
A manager is not a title, it is a role that i am sure everyone will get to play at some time in their lives. If you ever have to chase youself to get out of bed in the morning, then you are a manager. ... [read more]
You are responsible for a whole gang of people that you probably didn’t pick, may not like, and might have nothing in common with and who perhaps won’t like you much. You have to coax out of them a de ... [read more]
just one more thought that I had when I wrote an article about the future virtual law firms: " A virtual environment makes that “little kingdom” set-up less likely to happen. In a work environment tha ... [read more]
here is a job that requires a lot of management skills: Air Traffic Control Air Traffic Controllers are there to help the air traffic and not to demand submission.
Your First 30 Days as a Supervisor Gary North - April 09, 2021 "A man who gets the reputation of rising at dawn can sleep to noon." This is often attributed to Winston Churchill, but there is never a ... [read more]
I found this in Griffin, Abbie; Price, Raymond L.; Vojak, Bruce. Serial Innovators (p. 191). Stanford University Press. "Dear Technical Managers: Well, as should be absolutely crystal clear to you at ... [read more]