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Why Copyright registration?

Why you should one consider registering a Copyright?

Copyright is created automatically when a new piece of artwork is created, right?

And there is world-wide protection, according to various international treaties, see here

So why still registering a Copyright?


While not compulsory, getting a copyright registration can offer many benefits to IP owners. Copyright registration is available in many countries such as the USA, China, Japan, Canada, etc. etc. Ther ... [read more]
in some countries like the USA, a  Copyright registration (and not just an application) is a prerequisite to a Copyright infringement lawsuit https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/scotus-copyright-registrati ... [read more]
Yes, in the US you must register the copyright to be able to start litigation, as explained by Dana Robinson in the linkedin online course below. It should be free for you to view if you are in my con ... [read more]