Stephen Key – Don’t build a prototype, do this instead

Stephen Key – Don’t build a prototype, do this instead

Guest post by Stephen Key.

You love building prototypes? So do I!

Prototypes serve as early samples or models of your product idea that can be used to test a concept.

However, if you’re an inventor with a plethora of ideas, crafting a prototype for each one is simply impractical.

Imagine being able to showcase your product to potential licensees without ever having to produce a physical prototype.

That’s the power of 3D computer-generated models. They are affordable, quick to produce, and look SO realistic.

And here’s the best part, you can save time and money by using this tool to test market interest. Why invest valuable resources into a product idea that fails to resonate with potential customers?

In this video for inventRight’s YouTube Channel, inventRightTV, I discuss the ways a 3D computer-generated prototype can benefit you on your invention journey.

Have you built a prototype for your product idea? Are 3D computer-generated prototypes your go-to?

If not then contact me on LinkedIn, here inventRight.

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